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Cake Prices

Please note the prices are for a Drip cake with minimal buttercream details.

Keep in mind additional fresh flowers, macarons, sprinkles, gold leaf, drip, fillings, buttercream flowers, textured buttercream, piped details, cake toppers, fondant cake toppers, and fondant details will increase the price.


Single tiered cakes starting at $110


Two-tier cakes starting at $300


Three-tier cakes starting at $550



Every cookie is custom made to order. Additional options, such as color, shapes, airbrushing, additional details, flowers and writing will impact the price. For optimum freshness, each cookie is individually bagged and heat-sealed before being placed in a bakery box.


  • Basic design (minimum order 1 dozen)- Start at $55/dozen (3-4 inch cookie, 2 colors, basic and non-elaborate, 1-2 shapes, minimal details)


  • Detailed (minimum order 1 dozen)- Start at $65/dozen ( 2-3 cookie shapes/designs, 2-3 colors, basic accents, writing and/or florals)


  • Deluxe- (minimum order 1 dozen)- Start at $95/dozen ( 4-5 cookie shapes/designs, custom writing, detailed accents, and/or florals)



All cupcakes are custom made to order and can be personalized with different buttercream colors, designs and add-ons.


  • Basic design: $45/dozen - 1 dozen minimum order


  • Deluxe design: $55/dozen - 1 dozen minimum order


Prices are for our classic flavors. Premium flavors are available at an additional cost.

Add-ons to be quoted:

Acrylic toppers, fondant toppers, edible images, dried flowers

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